Our Mission and Vision

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Mission Statement:

Refreshing your spirit, renewing your faith, and redefining love through a personal relationship and encounter with Jesus Christ.

Vision Statement:

To be a community reflecting the love of Jesus Christ, growing, nurturing, and celebrating faith with a commitment to diversity and service; eliminating the barriers preventing others from experiencing the authenticity of God’s Love.

Core Value Statement:

The Core Values of First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) are built around Love: Love of Christ, Love for others & Love of Self.

  • Spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Sharing the Lord’s Supper to all
  • Studying Gods Holy Scriptures
  • Serving the community
  • Strengthening & developing Christian relationships
  • Stewardship in all areas
  • Supporting the work of Justice
  • Self-Compassion & Spiritual development
  • Sensitivity to the presence of the Gods Holy Spirit

First Christian Church is a congregation of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Lemoyne, Pennslyvania, which is a borough of Harrisburg.  Our mission guides our life together at FCC and in our community.

Discover more about who we are by browsing the website or visiting us.

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